Monday, October 4, 2010


To avoid spending much money on a holiday that is not my favorite, I try to make/create what little decorations I put up. Plus, we are big time Christmas decorators and I tend to feel a little smothered by January, which is another reason I keep it as simple as possible. Another perk this year is that Halloween falls on Sunday, so we won’t be out Trick-or-Treating. I told the kids that they would be shopping from home this year for their costumes for the Trunk-or-treat party
. Which they have interpreted as “ That means Mom will make all our costumes! I want to be a weird clone trooper nobody has ever heard of and is really difficult to make! Thanks Mom!” Noooooooo!!!!!!!
halloween 122 halloween 123 This was last year. The villain from Scream is our neighbor, Drew was home sick. Yes, my absolutely beautiful daughter is the Grimm Reaper. William is someone who wears a lot of camo and flip flops. And Gwen is Cinderella. I made the mistake of making that costume, which quickly made my kids think that I somehow enjoyed it and therefore will make anything they request.
IMG_0378-1 IMG_0358 This is a wreath I made from a really boring book by Charles Dickens which made it really fun to rip up.( I do love Charles Dickens though!) The skeletons are printed from The Graphics Fairy. I just cut them out, stuck them in old frames and mounted them on top of the glass ,with removable sticky tabs, of the frames already hanging there. The glitter spiders were $2.00 from Wal-Mart.
1askull008 source

 I spent a whopping $2.79 on this little vignette. The Boo is from V. and Co. The busts came from the dollar store.
newspaperboo source 
IMG_0352 Another print out from V. and Co.
newspapertree source
image LOVE this vignette I found here .
My entryway. Yes those are 4 skeletons hanging by a rope. Everyone thought it was morbid until I said there were 4 to represent each kid. Then it was just so cute.  My owl  trick or treat picture is from Graphics Fairy

halloween 129halloween 131
halloween 132 halloween 128Last years post Trick-or-Treating –Let’s- See- Who- Got The- Most –Candy- But –First- Let –Mom –Pick- Out- All- Her- Favorites –Do- Quality -Control.
Except for Drew. I just wanted to throw in a picture of him to be inclusive.
I do things like that.
This is what the girls and I will making after school today. If I remember the source I will post it.
4013801248_59800a5e33 So, Happy Halloween! See you tomorrow!
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Kerin said...

I echo your sentiments about Halloween.
Not my favorite either. When our youngest was just in kindergarten, I broke down and bought him a store costume. It was a pumpkin, and he had to wear it every year for Halloween. After all, I wanted to get my moneys worth :)
He's now on a mission, and for old times sake, I'm thinking of sending it to him (HEE HEE). I guess it would still fit...... on his head at least :)
Have a great day !

Finding Home said...

Fun post with a lot of information! Really love the glitter spider on your wreath. I am going to be posting a spider wreath in the next few days but I am jealous that mine are not glitter! Looking forward to reading more!

Finding Home said...

Just became a follower. I noticed that you have that design from Dazychic on Etsy. I bought a bunch of stuff from her this summer!

April said...

Why are you so cute? I couldn't get my house decorated like that to save my life. I also loathe Halloween, but it is Jason's favorite (after Christmas) so I am always the bad guy if I am not extra chipper about it. This year I am going as a chubby housewife, who didn't shower or do her hair.

ps. I get your sarcasm, and I miss it. NO one laughs at my jokes wither.

Room to Inspire said...

I just LOVE Halloween - we go a little crazy around here - I love your decor, I am off to check out those printables at V & Co.


Anonymous said...

Awesome decorations! The wreath is really cool. I'm a huge Dickens fan though so I'm not really sure if I can like it or not. ;)

- Megan