Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I miss my sis


2010-05 (May)

It is still funny thinking about you being away at college. For some reason in my mind you will always be the little 7 year old who bravely came to live with her big sis 2,000 miles away from home.

You came because I cried every day from being homesick.

You packed your little bag and Mom sent you off to stay with me.

You didn’t cry once.

Later we used to laugh that it was because you didn’t miss Mom and Dad, but I know it was because just you loved me that much.

You happily slept on that bed Andrew brought home for you, and had scripture study with us every night.

Andrew also gave you whatever you asked for and did things with you he still won’t do with our own kids.

You were also there to hold Drew when he was born. Seeing you and Mom hold in him in your arms was priceless.

It’s funny how it took me getting married and moving that far away for to me realize how much I still needed my family.

That one, brave little girl, could bring more than her small suitcase of belongings. That she could also bring me the peace and contentment that I had been searching for.

Your selfless example at such a young age deeply and forever touched my heart. Your willing sacrifice was truly the light of Christ shining through you. 

And that is why I think you will always be that little 7 year old in my mind.

Many will call you friend.

Few are privileged to call you sister.

Thank you for being my friend and my sister.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The stars aligned

IMG_0045-1 IMG_0044-1 This is actually the morning after he lost his first tooth. And as you can see by the fact that he is holding his tooth in his hand, the tooth fairy failed to make an appearance.

tooth_fairy how-to-say-sorry[14]


So, needless to say at 5:30 am, when this anxious 6 year old woke up this morning to see our special tooth jar still holding his tooth, he was pretty confused.

After all, hadn't he resisted even the slightest wiggling by his mother “who is infamous for not being able to leave loose and wiggly teeth alone because they call her name every time she looks at said wiggly tooth”?

I mean the fact that this kid REFUSED to brush his bottom teeth which resulted in even more botheringness (my own word, kthanks) to his mother compounded by the fact that the thing was completely horizontal, meant that it HAD to go. ASAP.

PD*26851940My plan was to just grab him, hold him down and have at it. But my inner voice that is known to some as a conscience, and that I typically try to stay in fine tune with, unfortunately said that this would permanently scar him. Then he would become even more terrified about losing teeth than he already is and would be content to walk around with a mouth full of wiggly crooked teeth.

bubba-dog hillbilly-dog

I get the shivers and all twitchy even thinking about it. But to my great and exasperated relief, a miracle occurred at In’n Out Burger the previous night. The thing literally fell out of his mouth while he was talking. I only happened to have had my hand in his mouth trying to wiggle it, but that is a minor detail. The more important thing is that it is out.

pullingteeth2 teeth_jewelry_05

I was so happy I even thought about having this done to the darn tooth. But thought better of it. I mean I would have to then do it to ALL my kids to teeth so no one would feel left out.

tooth necklace

umkay. no.

head necklace

Sometimes I feel like making one of these though. I am short a couple of heads to twist off and string onto a beaded necklace/trophy. So for now my children are allowed to live.

Back to the tooth fairy’s failure to materialize and fork out the dough.

I quickly realized at the same time Bubbs was lamenting over this delinquency on the T.F.’s part, that I hadn’t even taken any pictures of my boy’s first ever lost tooth!

I told him “The T.F. had purposely left the tooth there so mommy could take a picture since I forgot to the night before” To which he gave a huge sigh and said

IMG_0042 “That’s what I thought.I’ll go get your camera! Your the best mommy in the world!”

I added the last part in my head.But it looks as though the stars aligned for me this time around. Although I was looking forward to getting that “Worst Mommy on the face of the Earth” award in the mail.

Oh, well. There will be another time. I’m sure of it.