Friday, September 4, 2009

Today was just working out to be one of those days. You know the ones.
I need not say more.
Okay, I will.

We had our family Friday all planned out.
Dessert of the week.
Family prayers and scripture study.
Off to bed.
It wasn't going according to plan. I was grouchy first of all. Let me tell you, the old adage of When mom aint happy, aint no one happy, is all too true. Why can't I just be a grouch pot without everyone else snapping each others heads off? Well, needless to say our night was heading severely off course. We canceled swimming much to the demise of my daughter. Desert of the week was in serious danger of going out the window.
You get the point.
Amidst my self pitying, wallowing, and just plain sulkiness, my dear husband who's every word grated my tender nerves, remembers that he did not pay the Internet bill and could I please go online to pay it right this very immediate moment. With eyes rolling to the back of my head so severely I was dizzy for a brief moment, I went upstairs to pay the bill. I figured that while I was up there I would take my sweet time and also browse a few of my favorite mommy blogs.
Lately I had been lamenting the whole mommy blogging world and how I sometimes only feel inadequate after reading them.
But alas I clicked on a few. One in particular I have been following along with a few thousand other people. It is by a mom and fellow church member who a year ago was injured along with her husband in a plane crash. I came upon her blog after a girlfriend of mine mentioned a fund raiser she was attending for NieNie.I looked up her blog & was immediately hooked on her optimism towards motherhood in a time where it is more the norm to be snarky and derisive than hopeful and cheery.
There is something about reading about her love of the little things and her appreciation for her husband that I really, really, needed to hear. ( read: smacked up side the head with ) It immediately helped me to refocus on all my own simple treasures.
My humble abode.
My healthy kiddos.
A hard working dedicated hubby.
My own health and ability to stay home to take care of my family.
I realized also that things will never be perfect. Life will always move slightly faster than I can. But it is life and it is good.
I am sorely tempted to write our motto in permanent marker on my hand so that it is the first thing I see when I smack myself on the forehead.
When i finally went back downstairs I had my work cut out for me.

Was the damage irreversible?

The old adage should also add When mom sings, so does the choir.