Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines and love stuff

I happen to have a dear little one that just adores horses and ponies. I left her a little love note on this cute printable from here.
She can't read, so I tried to write it in a way that she would understand.
Basically I dumped her favorite nail polish on it , then tried to wipe it off with her favorite shirt and then hid it all under the couch for her to find a year from now.
That's the love language she speaks.
So, I spoke back.

This one I would put up year round. Love the color almost as much as the design.
The husband wants to know why I like a picture of a green onion with love written in it. I say " It is not a green onion with love written in it. It is a green swirl signifying eternal love and the never ending circle of life. " To which he rolls his and says " Whatever" by which he means, " You are brilliant, I am so glad you are my wife, and can see things so much more clearly than us simple minded men " To which I rolled my eyes back at him, and which really means " your welcome husband. Glad that you can so clearly see you are wrong. I am right."
We talk a lot like that with our eyes.
That's just how we are.

"Keep calm and" anything is my type of saying. Found here.

I printed this one too.
To the point.
Uses a picture to get your point across.
Very me.

How adorable. I have always loved letters. This is from here. She is my new obsession.

This one is from here and she even tells you how to make one of your own.

 And remember, it isn't Endure to the end dear friends, It is Enjoy the end.

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Kerin said...

Had to laugh at the 'husband speak':) So, true.
I really, really like the BEE MINE !! Anything with Bee's or Beehives is just the ticket with me!
Have a great day, and I hope that February shapes up to be a terrific month for you !!

Amie said...

Michaela is ALIVE!
miss ya girl

Simply Anna said...

I just have to say, this made me laugh and I had to hide that I was laughing becuase I am sitting at a table in the middle of lots of people doing homework. How you described everyone reacting is to a T! I could just imagine everything going on in that lively home of yours :] I love you! Be mine?