Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This one is for my very own frog prince. Sometimes there is more frog than prince about him, but who's complaining.
Oh......I am.
I am still under the illusion that a simple kiss will help turn him into a prince.
He requires a little more than that, well, a lot more than that, but he is and ever will be my knight in shining armor, or frog or whatever.
I liked this one for my kids. If life is a sport, than I am glad to have them on my team. I choo choo choose them.


No, that's mean, ALL the time. See? I AM a good mom.

This one is for my mom, sisters, and friends. I have been truly blessed to have people in my life who truly get me.
Anna, if we weren't related I'd wish we were. For the sole fact that you "get" what I just said makes it even more so. 'Nuff said.
Mom, you are the only person who knows what I am feeling with a simple "hello" on the phone. You are what I aspire to be with my daughters.

Wishing you a very early Happy Valentines day.