Wednesday, November 10, 2010

D is for Delicious little notes

These are all delicious little notes I found on the internet that are all free for download.  99% of them came from Gingerella                                                                                           173392_yAzPPGhY_c
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you are lovely deer

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is where I am today....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

C is for Calendar

This year for Fab Friday/Super Sat. , the amazingly talented girl in charge of the whole shebang did things a little differently.
She was brilliant enough to come up with the idea of having everyone vote on their favorite craft, and the top 10 picks are what we had the chance to sign-up and make!
Even better, after the voting was done she threw together a blog featuring all the crafts and even had Paypal access so we could find what we like, and pay for it all at once.
 This was all done in-tandem of setting up a beautiful display table every Sunday, taking order forms, making assignments, the list goes on.Shavonne is someone that just exudes talent and craftiness.
That being said, one of the projects I voted for was something I had had my eye on at another blog, but wasn't in the least bit motivated to make!
Shavonne asked that if whoever was willing to teach a class would get a priority vote, I jumped at the chance to finally make this, and cast my vote. Well, it was picked and I am teaching that class now.
So, many hours and mess ups later, I did it!
And I thought that to at least justify all the time I invested in this lovely craft, that I could at least share a tutorial, to save you the same heart-ache if you decide that you want to make one too.

What is it?

         ~Birthday Calender & Card Storage~

I added the year they were born next to their name so I can also see how old they are. Disclaimer: The names are real, the year and dates the are by, are not. Except mine. I was absolutely not born in 1985.

Now for the how to!

I also used an old stamp set from Joannes to do the lettering and numbers. The "Happy Birthday" larger stamps were a set from Hobby Lobby.

1.For the front I stamped out Happy Birthday onto white card-stock..Then I just free hand cut them out, so they ended up different sizes.

2. While they are drying, cut out your scrap book paper for the background behind the calender months.
You will need 13, 7& 3/4 x 5 &1/2 for the top background of the calender, which includes the front cover.
Then you will need, 12: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2
for the bottom background.

3.Next, either make a calender from your computer, or meticulously hand stamp your own and end up hating your stamps by the time you are done, or click on my copy I scanned for you and print it off onto card-stock.

4. Next forgive me for my lack of computer know how and over look my imperfections.

You will need 7 versions of the 31 days, 1 version of the 28 days and 4 versions of the 30 day. Or do like me and make all your months have 31 days. That is a personal mistake preference.
Since that is what I did, my copy has that too, just print 12 and trim it to the month accordingly. You will have to configure it to fit 6 & 3/4 x 5 & 1/4 for the top and 8 & 1/2 x 5 & 1/4 for the bottom.

5. Ink it all up. All of it. The envelopes, the patterned paper, the card stock. Everything.


6. Stamp all your months onto the top flap of the envelope.
 On the back of Decembers you will have an extra envelope. I stamped Miscellaneous for, well, miscellaneous cards

 7. Now is the time to get all your ribbon and zippers and staple it to the card stock. I really enjoyed this part and tried to do them all differently.

 8. Apply sticky tabs to the corners of your card stock, put it on top of your patterned paper, put more sticky tabs on the back of that, and stick it to your envelope.

9. Line up your finished envelopes and punch holes through the bottom and top. Put in your 2 rings. 

10. Finish up the front with the " Happy Birthday". In the picture you can see that I stamped a birthday cake on the envelope first, but it is side ways.

11. Take a bow, you are done! I am going to be making a few more of these for gifts this year and now it will be a lot easier this time around. If you found this helpful at all feel free to comment and let me know!

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