Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Illustrations of Life Project post 1

I love photography. Not only the joy of capturing irreplaceable moments myself, but seeing the moments others have captured.

To be able to look through your camera and really get into the scene.

To be looking for that twinkle in someone's eye.

That laughter filled smile.

That seemingly simple moment of quiet contemplation on your child's face.

They say a good photographer will take thousands of pictures to end up with “the one”. The one that makes you pause. The one that makes you think. The one that draws you in and makes you wish you had been there.

They say that a photographer is an artist that illustrates life through photographs.Instead of with a paintbrush or piano, they are able to capture a song and paint a scene with the click of a button.

That being said. I am in no way talented. Knowledgeable. Or any of those things that are required to be a photographer.

But, if all you need is a camera and a love for photography, than here I am.

I would like to take today. This time in my life, to start my Illustrations of life Project. So, come along if you like. Lets see what moments are out there to capture.

I will try to post a photo a day for the next year. Photos that simply illustrate my view of life around me. It will sometimes be pretty. Other times pretty ugly. Sometimes meaningful. Other times meaningless.

It will be easy. It will be hard. It will just be.



April said...

Yay! I am so excited! I can't wait to see your pictures everyday. And what great idea, and a fun way to express yourself on a daily basis.

-I wish we could take a photography class together :)

Simply Anna said...

I will start reading blogs again everyday if you do this! You are a good photographer, remember mom wanted us to go out and take photos of wonderfully special children and really capture their spirit, remember??
I can't wait to see what you put up!