Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference


This weekend we had the pleasure of gathering together on the off limits nice couch to watch General Conference on the itty bitty computer monitor.

I was once again reminded of the gratitude I feel for living in a time and place that makes this possible. It was much need weekend. To have my chicks gathered round to hear the words of the prophet, and to have that spirit of learning in our home, is something that I will be eternally grateful for. ( As I type this the youngest is bawling about a piece of paper her sister has deemed very important and therefore untouchable, the boys are arguing about who kicked who first, and the Hubby is interrogating us all about the mysterious appearance of marker on the off limits or you die nice couch, so that feeling has quickly evaporated, I mean, struggling to stay present.)

IMG_0362 Here we are gathered together taking notes of conference. You should also make note of the size of the computer monitor. That’s right, you can’t see it from how far away I am when I took this picture. But don’t feel too bad for us. We have some rockin’ speakers Andrew found on clearance at Best Buy that can be turned up so loud that all your other senses are dulled therefore you no longer can even think about how small the monitor is. See, that’s just how I am. I can find the meaninglessness beauty in all things.

We are truly blessed with the modern conveniences that we have and I am grateful for the time and opportunity I get to blog and to share my thoughts, however different, with those I love and those of you I may not know, but appreciate all the same.

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