Thursday, October 7, 2010

A convo with a potty mouth

andrews phone pics 005

Me: So how was your day today?

( understand that I was with her the entire day. Or so I thought....)

Gwenna: It was good.

Me: Did you have a fun time with Brooky?

Gwenna: Mmmmhhhmmm.

Me: What was your favorite part?

Gwenna: We jumped on the bed.

We yelled really* loully. ( loudly)

And we did dancing.

And we played ponies.


we said bad words.

We did *loss and *loss of stuff. (....lots and lots...)



Yep. They said bad words.

Probably really really bad words. Like "stupid" and "butt".

I didn't hear these bad words being said, so I have to let it slide.

But I'm onto you.

Gone are the days of your seemingly childhood innocence.

I am now faced with a true potty mouth. And not just any old potty mouther type, but the kind that brags about it later while bragging about her potty mouthiness.

Is this what I have to look forward to?

What's next? Sticking your chewed gum under the table? Running with scissors?

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Look. I even bought you a few necklaces to commemorate this milestone in your life.

Like I always say, it's the little things that make life memorable.


Finding Home said...

Very Funny!

April said...

Darling picture. She has the face that can get away with a few naughty words :D

Kerin said...

Naughty words, AND jumping on the bed??! Wow! You better put her under a 24 hour watch :)
She's too cute to be very bad :)
(love those necklaces!)

Simply Anna said...

She is such a little goober! She would brag about something like that, oh little one how her innocence is truely slipping away fast haha