Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We had many adventures this summer. Lots of them will be unforgettable and some we wish we could forget. ( locking our keys in the car in Albuquerque, witnessing 4 too many motorcycle accidents, food poisoning) But the most important thing we will take home with us is the gift of friendship, and time with Grandparents that makes childhood so special.
What I quickly learned from our 2 month long visit to Ohio, was how fleeting time really is. What started out as a long time to be away from home soon turned into a whirlwind of time going by too fast. It seemed like we had just arrived and then were all too suddenly packing to go home. My children made friends with the family across the street and were insepperable after that. The Robbertsons were a blessing I wouldn't have even known to ask Heavenly Father for. What a joy they all brought to our lives. Especially Gwena who still asks where her Trebor is. It really breaks my heart to see the questioning in her eyes, but I wouldn't trade our times together for anything. I want to thank them for their kindness and for opening their home on a daily basis to my children. You guys are an amazing family and we miss you!
I think the biggest lesson that I truly learned this summer is kind of cliche'. But that home is where your heart is. My heart is with my family, and so I was always home.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Summer is over and we have returned to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Our new title is what has been deemed our newest family motto. Keep calm and carry on. It works with many different situations and seems to fit our family best.
You are driving in the middle of no where and EVERYONE needs to go potty?
Keep Calm and Carry on.
You realize at midnight Saturday night that you have no milk, bread, eggs, ect.?
Keep Calm and Carry on.
Your kiddos have been in the longest fight fest of their young lives?
Keep Calm and Carry on.
The house is falling down around me while I am PEACEFULLY trying to read my scriptures?
You guessed it, Keep Calm and Carry on.