Friday, October 29, 2010

B is for Body language


This week I was able to go on my first ever field-trip with my baby girl Gwenna.

We went with our pre-school group to a family owned farm over in Gilbert and,

since it was a ways away we all decided to carpool to save on gas and plus its just more fun getting to visit with someone you might not see a whole lot of otherwise.

I had the privilege of riding with the lovely Laurie and her kiddos. She is one gorgeous girly and so fun to talk to.

Anyway the weather was lovely and the day seemed to be filled with promises of adventures and future memories.

Or so it seemed.



Laurie, having a baby boy about 18 months old, brought along her stroller to push since we would be doing a lot of walking.

Gwenna innocently asked if she could push the stroller since the baby was out and walking around.

And that's when the trouble began.



The stroller somehow became an extension of herself.

She wouldn't walk away from it unless she had the reassurance that no one else would touch it.


-Lets look at the cow.

The stroller looks at the cow also.

IMG_0018  I nicely cropped out the stroller at the expense of cutting her in half also.

IMG_0017These little piglets were so cute that I really wanted one. Even though I sometimes feel like I already have four little pigs as it is.


-Let's ride the tractor.

The stroller couldn't ride, but was safely waiting for her anxious return. Trust me, she was not happy about it being out of sight. Someone might touch it.


IMG_0021-1 Brave little Brooky sitting on the bench.



-Next, lets take some pictures by the pumpkins- so Mommy can feel like this was worth the $10.00 and since you won't do anything else because that would mean leaving the stroller and heaven forbid anyone else should get a turn pushing the now very popular and highly requested stroller among other 4 year olds and even the suggestion that you take turns or at the very least share a handle has brought tears to your eyes and I want photographic proof that we did indeed go on our very first field trip together which you won't remember because you are all consumed with this new obsession that has made your My Little Pony collection seem like a long forgotten dream and which you will talk about for the next week straight to the point of which you even convince Daddy to get out your old baby stroller so you can push it around the house and scrape up all the walls and even more surprising to even take it to the store with us and push you around in it even though Daddy is slightly embarrassed that you are a 4 year old in a baby stroller and now even I am slightly regretting having gone to the Farm in the first place even if it meant missing out on the missed photo opportunities.



I tried to get her to let it go long enough to take some photos.

Her body language says it all.


IMG_0023 Look at that hand! So tense!

IMG_0024 Way beyond tense. Even the foot is in on it now. It isn't even worth showing her fake smile, it was terrible. Painful.

IMG_0040 Here it is not so bad. But again, body language. Someone else was thinking about touching the stroller. Her hands are saying " I will rip off your head if you touch it..."

IMG_0025 So I distracted her with a giant squash I said was as big as a baby. Then she wanted to hold it like a baby. Oh look. In the background. The stroller.


IMG_0027 Brooky also held the Baby sized squash. She said it was an ugly baby and dropped it. I agreed.

With the ugly part. Not the dropping a baby part.

Well, only if it's as ugly as this squash.


Imagine if my mother had felt that way.

I would have been a dropped baby.

Dropped many many times. I looked a lot like this baby squash.

So, no. I do not condone the dropping of any babies.

Even ugly squash babies.

Or ugly babies that look like squash. ( Thank you Mom  for never dropping your baby that looked like this squash either.)



IMG_0031I said this was probably the Mommy squash.


IMG_0032So she did what she does to her own Mommy.

She walked all over it, and was very ungrateful for the time and energy the Mommy Squash put into making her a special Halloween hair bow after she begged and begged for one.....oh, wait.


On to more contrived photos.


IMG_0034 Body language people! You play the expert here and tell me what you think she is thinking about. She is darling though. I will give her that. It is the only reason she gets away with the stuff she does. Well, and maybe because I love her too.



Kerin said...

Boy... I wish I could talk our kids into wanting to push a stroller around ! :)
I wish someone had warned me, that the older they get, the MORE they need you :)
It's clear that she loves that stroller :)
Hope you have a great weekend.

April said...

Bahahahaha! Great post, I am laughing so hard.