Monday, November 1, 2010

The deffinition of a Mom Cave

I am entering a great giveaway over at Between Naps on the Porch.  She is an amazing Blogger with a plethora of tips and ideas on things like:
~Before and Afters
~DIY Tutorials
~Historic Home Tours
Go check her out!
So, when I received an e-mail from her saying that she has partnered up with Home Goods for a Mom Cave giveaway, I was super excited to say the very least! They are graciously offering a gift certificate to a lucky winner to help spruce up their Mom Cave.

Do I qualify on the "Mom Cave" part?

Let's see.


1.female parent: a woman who has a child, or a female animal that has produced young
2.woman acting as parent: a woman who acts as the parent of a child to whom she has not given birth
3.originator: a woman regarded as the creator, instigator, or founder of something
4.origin of something: the cause, source, or origin of something
"Necessity is the mother of invention."
5.protector: something that protects and nourishes like a mother
6.good or bad example of something: something very big, good, bad, or extreme, or particularly noteworthy in some other way ( slang ) ( sometimes considered offensive )
"a real mother of a headache"
7.taboo term: a highly offensive term for somebody regarded as objectionable or contemptible ( taboo )
1.take care somebody with tenderness: to look after somebody with great care and affection, sometimes to an excessive degree
2.give birth to baby: to give birth to and bring up a baby
3.bring something about: to give rise to something
random 020
Check on the Mom part.


1.large underground hollow: a large, naturally hollowed-out place in the ground, or in rock above ground, that can be reached from the surface or from water
Ummmm.Well. This might be a loose interpretation of a cave.
But, I do feel like this is where I can go to do numerous things.
Tune out.
Just plain old me time.
This is a Mom Cave.
So, I will share with you my Mom Cave and what I dream about having, to make it a more complete and "me" space.

"How can a $250 gift card to Home Goods help you create your own 'Mom Cave'?"

 I would finally be able to have a space that I designed with just me in mind. I would love to draw together different design elements to make the space feel  more cohesive. ( being all wordy makes me sound like I know what I am talking about, even though we all know I have no design style other than O.C.D! )
Winning would also allow me an afternoon of unmitigated, guilt free shopping. Just being honest.

(These next few things I found on the Home Goods website will help share my vision with you.)
From this:
To this:
IMG00572_20100330_1453 Yeah. That's the ONE.
From this:
To this:
bookcases Can we say storage heaven. The baskets, the boxes, oh my.
baskets_homegoods Or any of these lovelies. I love the natural texture of the woven bins. They can be used for a multitude of things. Paper stuff. Office supply stuff. My photography stuff. Stuff I don't want anyone to see....the possibilities are limitless.
generic_find Clear turquoise glass? Nuff said. This is definitely a statement piece. And the one thing my Cave needs is LIGHT. Badly.

From this:
IMG_0036The back wall and doors are screaming for something.
To this:
IMAG0413 Now that's a perfect inspiration board or two. I am thinking that if I find something similar it would work hanging from the cabinet doors .Cork on one side. Chalkboard on the other. Divine.

DSC00521 065
A little of this, a little of that. I love how silver can really help brighten up a space. And candles add a nice ambience.

From this:
To this:
style-frames These would work just fine if I do say so. The perfect pop of color.

Even if I don't win,I now officially have a wish list and know what to look out for.
Especially that chair. 
When you are  at Home Goods and if you see me. ( I said that with a fake hand phone gesture to my ear )
I would owe you one.


Rene said...

I love the things you picked for your mom cave. My chair is really hard too by the way.


ButterYum said...

Good work space, but you definitely deserve a better chair.


Renee said...

this area deserves a great chair! lovely cabinet!!