Monday, April 19, 2010

The many faces of Easter

We took Drew out to the movies the Saturday night before Easter, so my little sis came over and dyed eggs with the rest of my kiddos. The pictures are her fine art work. You can tell she is a document/photographer like myself. It drives my hubby nuts that I have to take so MANY photos EVERYWHERE we go. But I always tell him that from those 1,000's you get one that is truly amazing. So, thank you Anna for 1,000's of photos from your night of egg dying.

These are the many faces of William. Long after everyone else lost interest, he stuck around. Anna calls him her little buddy. There have been many tears shed by this little guy since Anna went back to school.
He says he " Just misses her so much it makes his tears"

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Simply Anna said...

Anna says she "just misses him so much it makes her tears" too! Thank you for having such little angles!