Friday, January 22, 2010

Flash back Friday

A girlfriend of mine, whose blog I religiously follow, has Flashback Friday's. Since I love everything she does, I am therefore going to copy her!
Thanks April!
This falshback is only from earlier this month though. My 2nd oldest child, Serelle, was baptized.
She was so nervous and had us go over and over what she would do or not do.
The commitment she has made at such a young age is a shining example to all of us around her. To be willing to take such a big leap of faith and be baptized at 8 years old is a big deal. Especially for a girl who likes to fly under the radar and is very shy when not around her family.
Looking at her now as a young girl, I see so much of who she will become.
She is loyal to her family and friends. In her own way she looks out for those around her and is very conscientious of making sure no one is left out.
She is also very intense in all she does. She loves intensely. Dislikes intensely. Is happy intensely. Is mad intensely. Is generous intensely. Is obedient intensely. The list goes on. She is a work of intense opposites and contradictions. Most of them good, a lot of them frustrating, but all of them Serelle.
So, for this Flash back Friday, I want to say, I love you Sis. Thank you for choosing me as your mother and for making my life complete.


April said...

Awe, this just makes me want to know her, and give her a great big hug. I can almost feel all her emotions about getting baptised just by looking at the picture.
She is lovely and beautiful, and I can't wait to meet her again someday.

Anonymous said...

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prashant said...

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