Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday Doors on Tuesday night

My second grader comes home every Monday with a Monday Door. It is a simple photocopy of a cartoon door that opens to reveal what she has written.
It is usually quick and to the point but more often than not it melts my frozen heart. To be able to look back at our week or weekend through her eyes is very refreshing and funny. Needless to say, I have saved every single one.
So, in light of this little happiness maker, I would like to start my own Monday Doors. ( yes, in true Michaela fashion, on Tuesday night)
This last week, along with everyone I know, my thoughts and prayers have more often than not been turned to those in Haiti. Especially with the feelings of being unable to help. Or that what little I am able to donate through tithes, seems so inadequit in the big scheme of things. What can my few measly dollars do for all those suffering?
The conclusion I have come to is that it can't do a whole lot. It won't go very far or make even a small impact.
But, if there are a lot of us giving, then together it equals something big.
All those small or big donations get put together, and allow those who can go and help to do so. I saw a picture of people loading all these boxes onto a crate to be shipped over to Haiti. The boxes were filled with things that are really needed.
Soap. Blankets. Clothes. And maybe what I was able to give paid for that blanket or t-shirt. And I can only imagine how grateful I would be to be on the receiving end after having lost everything I own.
So, please don't ever think that what you can afford to give is ever too small. It all adds up to something greater than us all.


April said...

Well said, Michaela Bug, well said.

Amy said...

Thanks for your insight, it's true. Thankfully we can also pray that they will feel the peace that our Heavenly Father can bring as well.