Thursday, October 14, 2010

My introduction to Mod Podge

It all innocently started with a little bottle of something called Mod Podge. ( Windows spell check keeps trying to correct the spelling with other options like"podgy" and "poodle")
I was introduced to this lovey about 2 years ago.
I had heard of it quite often,  but was not in the least bit interested in plastering my coffee table with a nice layer of family photos shellacked permanently to the top with this stuff called Mod Podge. Or anything involving collages and decopaging. Blech.
Well, along came Super Saturday and lovely creative girls named Autumn and Aime, and I was shown the many versatile and limitless uses of Mod Podge.
Fast forward to the present and I am still using it every chance I get. If it can't be made with Mod Podge than maybe it doesn't really need to be made.
When I first set out to arrange my plate wall I was very optimistic. I simply needed to go to a few stores, buy plates that I surely knew were there waiting to be plucked up by my eager hands.
So not the case.
A year and numerous stores later, no such luck.
Then I remembered back to two years ago when Autumn showed me how to Mod Podge clear glass plates with Mod Podge! That was it!
So, now that I have finally finished my biggest challenge in decorating yet. And let me tell you. I love it.
They aren't perfect.
Far from it.
But I am way more than satisfied!
It is a fool proof way to get exactly the colors and look you want for very very little money.
I found the glass plates at Savers for $2.99 for 4.
The paper was 10 for $1.00 at Joanne's.
And the Mod Podge I already had but can be purchased at any craft store, which I only ever do with a coupon. So It was around $4.00 and lasts forever. I will be able to pass this stuff down to my grandkids.

I will show you how they all turned out and how I made my very own custom plates in another post. I can't wait!

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Kerin said...

Great idea!
I have a bunch of clear glass plates that I picked up at D.I.
When we get all settled, I know just what I can do with them :)
Can't wait to see how the projects turned out!
Hope you have a great weekend !!

April said...

What a brilliant idea. I may just have to copy you :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love your plates! Handmade items don't have to be perfect - that is part of the charm. Glad you are hooked on the Podge ;p