Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And so the plate wall begins....

platewall I have seriously had my eye on so many cute plate wall arrangements.

I finally gathered  enough plates to get started on this long awaited update to my kitchen.

So, first up. Take down all the dustified crap that has been above my cabinets for far too long.

Next.....well. You'll have to wait and see!


On another note. Not feeling to much love for the dog of the house. He seriously needs to have something removed and put in a jar to display. THe next time he runs away, he needs to keep on a runnin'. I'm officially d.o.n.e.

I wish the below option was real. As in a real alligator could do this to him.

Just kidding!

No I'm not.



Emma and Cody said...

I love your plate wall idea and I am stealing it! How are you going to hang them up? That picture looked like they were magically stuck to the wall. And all your Halloween decorations are really cute!

April said...

Can't wait to see your plate wall!
I have been browsing the local Goodwills and thrift stores looking for old frames and plates...wanting to try the same type of thing. We will see.