Monday, June 21, 2010

Time will tell

We have a tradition ( as of this year……. still counts, ok.) to buy a clock for our anniversary to commemorate our time spent together as a couple.


We hope to be able to look back and reminisce about the year we purchased each clock and all that happened that particular year.


We try to find ones that reflect our taste and moods. That reflect our sense of timeless style.


And maybe one day our children will look back and remember this small tradition of ours and want to carry it on themselves. We even joke about who will fight over which clock. Sis has dibs on the bacon making wooden pig one.

What can I say. She has good taste.

Get it.


Oh, forget it.

Also. A big thank you to the “Smiths”. Who we were blessed enough to run into when Hubby and I were out celebrating our anniversary. They had just celebrated their 46th anniversary in June also, and were generous enough to share their witty wisdom on all things marriage and family with us over dinner. Thank you.

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Simply Anna said...

You two are too adorable :] I look up to you and Andrew both. You both are such loving and great individuals in my life. I promise to make you a clock one day, just wait and see when I become the crafty queen I want to be, I will do that to show my love for you two!