Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Belated birthday wishes

scan0004 Dear Drew,

In honor of your 11 years as my son, I am sending you 11 wishes.

1. I wish that you could see yourself through my eyes. You are a boy that has many talents. One is melting his mothers heart.               


2. Stay kind.

Your kindness will open doors for you and allow you to get close to people that would otherwise shut anyone else out.  Your tender heart is a sign of your true spirit. I am glad I get to see it.

compassion3. I wish for you to know that being the big brother is something only YOU can be. 

random 020

baptism brian and aimee 032 You were sent here first for a reason.There will be times when you will have to pull them up by their bootstraps and be the strong one in the group. It will take them awhile to be thankful for you watching over them like you do, but they will thank you. Believe me.

                                                                 Like in this photo. They looked like they were having a good time at the bar. But big brother knew that appearances can be deceiving and quickly took baby Sis into his arms and into safety.

4. I wish that you could see how smart you are. Not only with academics, but with the gospel. You always have the answer I am looking for.

                                ohio 531 Your love of learning will take you far.  You have so much to offer with your intelligence and witty insight. If you fill your heart and mind with the wisdom of the Lord your capacity for learning and sharing that knowledge with others, will be limitless.


4. I pray that you will learn the value of hard work. This does not come easy for you and it will be difficult at times. But you have great men in your life that are the ultimate examples of hard workers and dedication. I know we are tuff on you sometimes, but it is because we can see your great potential.  IMG_2560

5. I hope you keep your goofy sense of humor. You have such a funny way of looking at things and can find the humor in almost anything.

Like when I let you be the photographer for the night at Sis’s choir concert and I ended up with a ton of you posing with friends making funny faces and not a single one of Sis. You thought that was pretty hilarious.



And how you can laugh so hard at silly animal pictures that you can hardly catch your breath and we all end up laughing too.



Especially how you love to turn ordinary objects into props. You do this a lot. And it is always funny.




6. I wish that you will be able to find true happiness.

It’s hard to find. But it’s out there and you have already taken the first step in finding it by being baptized. Keep on this path of righteousness and you will find true 

                       baptism brian and aimee 147


7. I wish for you to keep your desire to serve the Lord.



8. I wish that you will always love Star Wars as much as you do. There is a lot to learn from Star Wars.

1. Listen to your parents Jedi trainer. They know what's best.


2. Using the gospel  force for good, makes a good missionary  Padawan.

3. Good will prevail.

4. Don’t run with your light saber on.


5. That being the hero takes help from everyone around you.                                                       ohio 653 

But please please please please please DON’T take it this far.

                                               star wars wedding

Although you probably will.


9. I wish that you will continue to develope your love of a good book. Books are the cheapest way to travel. But above all others, learn to love the scriptures. They will take you to wherever you need to go and will always have the answer. You just have to be willing to find it.

                                               book of mormon

10.  Be a good friend. The value of friendship is priceless.                            random 156

Being good to those around you is a talent that you have. You make all the old ladies swoon with your chivalry. And one day you will make a special someone swoon. Blech! I know. I had to say it.



11. Last but not least. I wish for you to always know how much Dad and I love you. You were the first child to make me a mother. The first child to make Dad a father. Our first son.

                    Thank you.prom 015

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Simply Anna said...

Did Drew get a chance to look at my blog dedicated to him? I hope so! Even tho yours does beat mine....I love how dedicated you are to all of this! It makes me feel like I am at home.