Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Geegee the stingy cat

When we were kids my mom was also so good about reading and singeing to us every night.
In fact, she would read to any time we asked her to.
A book that was on high demand from us back then was a story about 3 kittens. Each kitten had their own distinct personality and traits that made them distinctive.

There was George, the only boy, who was filled with curiosity and often found trouble.

Then came Geegee ( it is said with a soft g ) who was stingy and bossy.

Lastly comes Ginger. The quiet, shy, kitten.

We loved this book because there was a kitten to represent each of us children.
My brother Justin was of course George.
Hilary was Ginger.
Which inexplicably left Geegee for me. Although,at the time I fiend ignorance as to why I was Geegee, I knew without a doubt she was me. I was her.

My favorite story was when Geegee took Georges red ball and sat on it to keep him from finding it. Then she took Gingers ball and sat on it. Then to finalize her act of greediness, she sat her her own ball as well. It seems uncomfortable and pointless since she couldn't even play with her own ball after that, but the point was that she was stingy. And stingy is bad.
There are more of them, then there are of you, and they will gang up on you.
And forever call you Geegee,and when you tell your mother a funny story about your own stingy daughter she will laugh and say " remember that one book you loved about that cat named Geegee......" (this is all said in a wicked witch voice as I am typing this)and continue to laugh at how she always told me I would end up with a daughter just like me.

I fortunately was able to learn this deep and thought provoking lesson from that long lost book. However, since it was lost, my own children have not been exposed to it's infinite wisdom. Such as: no sitting on something that is not yours, or if you do sit on something that is yours, you will miss out on all the fun. Oh, and being stingy is bad.
Case in point: Gwenna 

This girl is a coloring fanatic. Little does it matter what she is coloring on or with. She will color it. Just ask my hubby about the "why-are-faces-drawn-all-over-my-desk-in-permanent-marker-!?!?!" incident.
Today, we had her best friend/cousin, over to play.
The coloring books were quickly brought out. The crayons passed around. All was well in the land of coloring.
Until I saw this.
Not the dirty shirt. I honestly don't care. In our house I subscribe to the philosophy that you get one shirt a day. That isn't because I do the laundry, I just hate finding 20 shirts thrown on your floor. ( This is only my philosophy. Because when your hubby looks  at you with a  horrified expression that you actually wore that out of the house and you are shamed convinced to change before you got out together)
Back to Gwenna.
Do you see what is under that cute booty?
A coloring book. No, it isn't to help boost her higher so she can see over the table. No problems there.
I am pretty sure, no, positive it is so Brooky can't have any pages from it.
How do I know this?
I am super smart. And good at looking at a situation from many angles and from the facts that I am able to gather in mere seconds am able to form a probable hypothesis gleaned from my mecha of motherhood knowledge and experience.
Just kidding.
I asked.
Me: Why are you sitting on that coloring book?
Gwenna: I don't want Brooky to have any pages. ( Bless her heart, she is still naive enough to tell the truth)
Me: Why can't she have any pages?
Gwenna: 'Cause it is my favorite book.
Since Brooky was fine with this ast of greediness, I explained to Gwenna that if she sits on her favorite coloring book ,then even she can't color in it.
As with Geegee, if that was the price she had to pay, so be it. It was worth the sacrifice. It was worth not getting something for herself in order to keep someone else from getting it as well.
Luckily her good deeds far out weigh her bad.
Right after this they decided that they were starving and desperately needed a popsicle. Only problem was,there was only one left.
Gwenna told Brooky she could have it since she didn't like that kind.
Hey, it counts.
Even if was also because she would have had to get off of the coloring book to go get it.
It still counts, okay?


Karie's Chic Creations said...

Hello there, what a darling blog you have. I am so happy you stopped by my blog and left a sweet message. That is how I found you. I am you newest follower. I hope to see you again, I will be back for sure. Hugs, Karie

Simply Anna said...

This is exactly how I think of Gwen, a sweet and sour kid, but adorable non the less and I love her with all my heart!