Saturday, November 28, 2009

Puppy Love

I can not believe I am going to do this......
Blog about our dog. I know, I am not a dog"person" to say the least, but I am finding impossible to avoid.
We inherited this puppy from my mom, who inherited him from her neighbor.
What started off as just babysitting this mutt ( and I mean this in the nicest way, we really have no idea what he is other than part Chihuahua) quickly and inevitably evolved into permanent residential status for Buster. All along in the back of my mind I had this mental check list going of all things I would not put up with, and therefore be justified in re-homing Mr. B.

1. pees and poops everywhere.
2.barks or whines all night in his crate.
3. Bites or is overly aggressive.
4. Isn't compatible with the Alpha dog in the household,
otherwise known as Hubby/Daddy

This is how it went down.
1.The darn dog pees on command! ON COMMAND! I take him out every so often and say " go potty" and he.....goes potty. Darn. There goes #1 on get rid of, I mean re-homing list.

2.He LOVES to go in his crate. Snuggles up in a cute little ball and gives you his best puppy dog eyes.
There goes #2 on my (mustgetridofhimbeofrethekidsgtooattatched) list

3. Did you see the pictures? Nuff said. Darn darn darn. #3 goes down in flames.

4. So, I come home from grocery shopping the other day to find.......Hubby asleep on the couch with.......Buster on his chest sleeping away. Buster was too small at this point to have jumped up there on his own, so the only other explanation is that said Hubby put him there. Nooooooooooo.
So, having passed the test, and earned his stripes by being willing to be the new "baby" of the family, I formally introduce you to Mr. Buster Brown.


April said...

That puppy is the cutest!
I love puppies, it is when they become dogs that I have trouble.
Good Luck!!!

Namine said...

super cute puppy!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I'm not much of a dog person either. But of course, my kids LOVE them. People are always telling me that I need to get one and I think, seriously? I have enough things that pee and poop everywhere, chew on things and make messes without adding a dog to the bunch!
But I'm glad you found one that seems to behave better than my kids! LOL!
I bet the kids just love it.

prashant said...

I especially love the last line!

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